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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

U.S. Green Building Council's 2009 - 2013 Strategic Plan Released

Dear USGBC Constituents: It is with great pride and excitement that we would like to share with you U.S. Green Building Council's 2009 - 2013 Strategic Plan.

The Plan was adopted by the USGBC board of directors at its July board meeting following a year long process that engaged our many stakeholders, constituency and leadership. The process was one of the most robust, comprehensive and inclusive that USGBC has ever undertaken in its 15-year history.

The resulting Plan sets a path for USGBC's future that is both visionary in its goals and relevant to our leadership role in transforming the built environment. The Plan also includes a new guiding principle for USGBC, Foster Social Equity. The work of USGBC's Social Equity Task Force was integrated into the Plan's objectives under every goal area.

The Plan's strategic goals provide a set of priorities that will frame USGBC's direction in the coming years. Each goal intentionally addresses the priority issues that the USGBC must respond to and the role that USGBC should play in its response. The goals are:

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities: Catalyze and lead the building sector's active participation in the movement to achieve sustainable cities and communities.Climate
  • Change and Natural Resources: Lead the dramatic reduction and eventual elimination of building construction and operations' contribution to climate change and natural resource depletion.
  • Green Building Marketplace: Accelerate green building demand, delivery, and accessibility.
  • Public Policy: Advocate for effective and comprehensive green building policy and codes at all levels of government.
  • International: Advance green building around the world by developing certification capacity, sharing knowledge, and collaboratively advancing regionally appropriate and effective green building practices and policies.
  • Organizational Excellence: Leverage USGBC's organizational structure and capacity to support and catalyze the market transformation required to achieve its mission.

This Plan sets the stage for a new era in USGBC's role in creating a sustainable world for all. We would like to thank the Strategic Planning Committee that provided guidance and direct support to the process along with our excellent consultant team, Meridian Institute, and to all of you who participated in the process. You will find the entire Plan on our Web site.

A webcast describing the Plan will be available in early October. Please take time to review the plan and work with us to achieve its objectives in the coming years.

Thank you for your commitment to USGBC and its mission, and our future.

Sincerely, Rebecca L. Flora S. Richard Fedrizzi
Co-Chair, Strategic Planning Committee CEO, President and Founding Chair,Chair, USGBC

Board of Directors USGBC

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